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Employment Visa Application

Employment Pass (EP)

Employment Visa / Pass will be issued to expatriates who enters the country to take up a contract of employment with any local company with a minimum period of two years and been offered a monthly income of not less than RM 5,000. And also to put a note that an expatriate should be more than 27 years of age and well experience on the relevant industry and also academically in order to take up the post.

On the other hand any company who wish to employ any expatriates should fulfilled the criteria of the application prior to offer any contract to expatriates. The company has also need to look into their paid up capital as it is plays qualifying criteria to employ expatiates.

The breakdown of the paid up capital to qualify for expatriates recruitment :

1) RM250,000 - 100% local equity
2) RM350,000 - JV with local entity / individuals
3) RM500,000 - 100% foreign equity

For companies involved in business activity such as Import & Export, Manufacturer, Trading and Retail businesses need to apply for Wholesale Retail and Trading Licenses (WRT) prior to intend to employ expatriates into their organization.
Employment Visa / Pass - Checklist

a) Expatriate Details
1. Passport Copy
2. 4 pcs passport size photo – white background
3. Resume / CV
4. Academic Certificates
5. Credential – If available
6. Contract Letter

b) Company Details

1. Organisation Chart
2. Company Profile
3. Form 9
4. Form 24
5. Form 49
6. Form 13
7. Memorandum Article of Association
Professional Visa Application

This Professional Visa is issued to persons who enter Malaysia to take up employment for less than 24 months validity. Expatriates / Foreigners who wish to enter the country for the purpose of engaging on short-term training / contract with any local company in Malaysia. The categories of expatriates / foreigners who are eligible are:

• Artistes
• Volunteers
• Those entering for filming
• Invited lecturers / speakers
• Those entering for religious purpose
• Members of an International Organization
• Researchers and Survey
• Experts in installation or maintenance of equipments

The validity of the pass varies but it cannot exceed twelve months at any one time. But extension of the Professional Visa / Pass subjected to the discretion of the Immigration authorities.
Professional Visa / Pass – Checklist
  1. Passport Copy
  2. 4 pcs passport size photo – white background
  3. Resume / CV
  4. Academic Certificates
  5. Invitation Letter from Institution / University / Company to company in Malaysia
  6. Acceptance Letter from Malaysian company to University/ Company to Applicant’s University / Company.
  7. Training Schedule / Module ( Activity of the Applicant )
  8. Form 9
  9. Form 24
  10. Form 49
  11. Memorandum Article of Association
Malaysian My Second Home Dependent Visa Application

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, formerly known as Silver Hair programme, is an initiative of the Malaysian Government to offer expatriates from all over the world who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia as long as possible on a long-term Social Visit Pass. The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of ten (10) years (depending on the validity period of the passport) and is renewable.

DSS Reliance Sdn. Bhd. helps you get your Malaysia My Second Home application processed & approved. You just have to prepare the documents and we take care of the application creation, submission, processing and we make sure that you will get your visas at the end of the process.

You will not have to worry about all the requirements, procedure, follow-ups, document translation in Bahasa Malaysia, as we will be handling everything for you.

Furthermore, thanks to our extensive list of partners, we can help you transfer your driving license, find reliable Real Estate agents, your insurance or your moving company.
MM2H - Checklist

1. Application Cover Letter
2. MM2H Application Form
3. Two (2) coloured passport size Photo
4. Passport Copy – must be certified
5. Marriage Certificate - if accompanied by spouse - must be certified
6. Birth Certificate – if accompanied by children – must be certified
7. Certified copy of 3 months bank statement / Financial documents
8. Certified copy of Pay Slip / Pension Slip / Monthly income statement etc.
Dependent Visa / Pass Application

Dependent Visa / Pass is issued to spouses and children of expatriates who have been issued with an employment pass. This pass may be applied for together with the application for an employment pass or after the employment pass for the Principal is approved and its maximum duration is in relation with the duration of the employment pass (generally 2 years).

On the other hand the dependent visa / pass also applicable to next of kin such mother or father of the expatriates or also the in laws of the expatriates. Just the additional documents will be the birth certificates related to the parents and the expatriates concern. On top of that the levy and fees varies than the other closed dependents of the expatriates.
  Dependent Visa / Pass – Checklist

1. Passport Copy
2. 4 pcs passport size photo – white background
3. Employment Visa / Pass copy – Principal Applicant
4. Marriage Certificates – translated in English
5. Birth Certificates – translated in English
Spouse Visa Application

The Spouse Visa was introduced to foreigners married to Malaysian to provide an Employment Pass or Long Term Social Entry visas:

The criteria and guidelines about the Spouse Visa :
  1. You have a valid legal marriage certificates recognized in Malaysia
  2. Other Spouse is a Foreigner
  3. Letter of offer from a Malaysian company with a minimum paid-up capital of RM150,000
  4. When submitting your application, you and your spouse must together be present at the Department of Immigration.
  5. The immigration does not judge your skills, position to be taken in the company or salary to be drawn.
  6. If you change company you just need to inform the immigration about the new company.
  7. A release letter will facilitate your new application.
  8. You will not get any I-Card as under a normal Employment Pass
  9. The duration of the Employment Pass or Social Visa under the Spouse Visa is up to the Immigration department but is normally granted for a duration of one year renewable
  10. Your Spouse Visa is automatically revoked if a divorce occurs
  Spouse Visa - Checklist

1. Passport Copy - Husband
2. 4 pcs passport size photo – Husband
3. Passport Copy – Wife
4. 4 pcs passport size photo – Wife
5. Resume / CV – Applicant
6. Academic Certificates – Applicant
7. My Kad copy - Malaysian Spouse
8. Marriage Certificates - Certified by JPN – Malaysia
9. Birth Certificates – Children ( If any )
10. Sponsor Details – Salary Slips & My Kad copy
11. Wedding photo – Both Husband & Wife together
12. Contract Letter – If relevant
Driving License

When you are moving to Malaysia and plan to stay for a longer time, it is highly recommended to transfer or convert your national or international driving license to a alaysian driving license. DSS Reliance Sdn. Bhd.., is most delighted to assist you on the transferral of your driving license.

Driving License - Checklist

To able to apply for a Malaysian driving license one has to submit the following documents :

1. Original visa valid for more than six months.
2. Original driving license
3. English translation of your driving license from the Consulate / Embassy of the country of origin
4. Recent passport photo – small DL size

• First, note that there are two key application centres.

- The first is the JPJ in Putrajaya.
- The second is the JPJ in Wangsa Maju, KL.

Find out which application center you need to contact. E.g. United Kingdom, United States, Europe or South African applications need to be submitted first to JPJ Putrajaya for Ministry approval

The JPJ Putrajaya will take about one month for your application to be finalised. After JPJ Putrajaya you will have to proceed to JPJ Wangs Maju for another approval. JPJ Wangsa Maju will only take one day for an approval, but bear in mind the long waiting hours and documents need to be filled out in Bahasa Malaysia.

Dependent Visa / Pass Application
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