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IDPM Sdn Bhd is an interior design and project management company. With a total of over 10 years of design and built experience, IDPM has grown in leaps and bound to be where we are today with our own carpentry and metal factory with over 30 workers. For our clients, cost and time effectiveness is our priority.

Space Planning

Interior Design

Project Management


We believe a sustainable design rides on a thorough planning with all stakeholders. Step by step guidance with examples and conversation with customers allow the built-up of a consensus for us to work on.

To continually improve our project quality, working methods, and management systems through creativity and innovation in order to ensure our continued development of a quality is driven design consultancy and project management within our specialist fields. To express our passion as a creative designer through working closely together with our Clients.


Our vision is to make IDPM the best and leading name in the commercial interior design industry, creating uniquely exquisite interior throughout the region and become a global brand recognition.

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Our integrated approach allows you to get everything you need and more in one place, saving you time and resources. Whatever you can dream up, we can successfully deliver. So, what’s on your mind?